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  • roryrae roryrae Nov 1, 2012 12:45 PM Flag

    but the street wants certainity.

    Sometimes you have to pay the pied piper. This stock is manipulated when are you going to understand that. According to you, Ima 6th grade uneducated dufas that keeps on getting lucky and somehow my birdies are smelling the rosed once again. Good luck with all your anaylsis cause its really a bunch of crap others than providing good information.

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    • Where did you get lucky? You sold at 2.31 and missed a run to 3.40. Now your claiming you sold the rest on Monday or Tuesday. When did you sell and not tell us? How many shares rory? You're a idiot who after the facts you make bold statements, because everytime you make one before the facts, you look like a loser.

      Every stock is manipulated. If you today put a stop in at 2.25, we would see it moved down and those shares you wanted protection would be gone. Glad you finally admitted your education level. That about sounds right.

      I had sound reasons for selling my shares and I shared it. Before the facts.

      Sentiment: Hold