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  • kyjellie kyjellie Nov 7, 2012 8:55 AM Flag

    Rory's latest statements

    I wrote in Ron Paul, we still have that right.

    I like how you leave out my other cal on OEX PUTS. I like how you leave out my call on CELG. My call On silver going from 18.60 to $49. I like how you leave out my call on SLW at $22 and it hitting $45. You forget I stated the exact time to trade each of these positions and make additional money. You forget I warned this board about Viidaza survival news.

    I will give you that I thought Mp-470 was a stronger drug than it turned out. They did extent protection on Dacogen for 6 months. BTW you have never explained why Eisai continues with trials on Dacogen if they receive no benefit. You took 7 days and in the end, used Debs argue as your defense. Brilliant deduction. You looked like a idiot.

    Keep on buying those winners like kv-a. Remember how you wagered that Kv-a would out perform silver. I made a triple and you a 100% loss.

    You better own some silver. BTW how's that operation working out for you, removing your lips from jelly's hindend. We always knew where we would find you, super glued to it. If there's one investor that comes close to rory's record on loses, that would be batzem. What should we short next, that you like?

    Sentiment: Strong Buy