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  • kyjellie kyjellie Nov 6, 2012 4:09 PM Flag

    Rory's latest statements

    See if any of these make sense.

    What is your problem dude. You should be happy a great run was made from $1.80 to $3. My advice keep on buying the stock sooner or later it has to higher or lower.
    The news on srpt and eu aml dacogen approval may have changed the way we look at astx. Bravo bravo
    Is anyone buying on the dips or is everyone scared to buy at all at these prices ?
    If you bought astx, your down again

    I bought what you sold bozo the clown.
    Sold half of what I bought this morning.
    I bought shares of astx with the profits this morning.

    Me too hahahaha.
    Look at all the biotech's stocks, 99% is taking hits, astx will go down at least to $2.06 then test $1.80. If we don't get approval we go down to $1.30's. But we will test $2.06, all signs poits to it. Aug 1 2012
    Actually I left early thinking nothing would happen. By what I can see it prieced though everything and heading to $2.
    And try to buy back my shares I sold in the $2.60's. I', looking at $2.20 1st target level.
    They did very good on there earnings. Making a penny verses losing .07. I woder how the stock would've done if it came in light on revenue ? $1.84 maybe.
    Hey buddy it past away for the time being. Things are constantly changing, it happens, go forward, capish.
    Hell no, Im saying if it goes above $2.70 looks like we head closer to $3. If not we breakdown into the $2.30-$2.40's

    Everyday he pretends he knows what he's doing. Up is down, down is up. He has been doing this for 10 years now. His target in 2005 was $12.00. I missed my target a while back by .25 and I hear about it weekly from the bed wettier. He missed by $5.

    Sentiment: Strong Buy

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    • What happen kyjellie, you still got your 60244 shares.

      • 1 Reply to roryrae
      • I actually own 62,900 shares. Would you like to know how many ounces of gold and silver?

        As you can see, I post before any dips/advances my stategy. Unlike loverboy, he posts after any move, to give the impression he's smarter than a fifth grader.

        As for answering Steady's question. Imagine this company as a startup, with $130M and 10 drugs in the clinics. Then you might appreciate the low share price. Take a few minutes and with Rory's help list all the different cancers that they now have a compound going after. What happens if they announce another partnership, which they will shortly in MHO. SGI-110, will be in 2- phase II in solid cancer, watch for the Liver ph2 on sgi-110, that's my guess. I don't think investor realize what a big deal a ph2 in Liver is! Has vidaza or dacogen done that? Both those drugs have been around for 20 years, sgi-110 for 2years.

        There is no immediate gratification, except watching rory pretend he knows how to invest. The best indicator this is a great investment, is to gauge where rory stands on it. You want to be a buyer when he's selling and you want to sell when he's buying. If you follow that advice, you will be be very wealthy. Also stay away from anything Batzem recommends. Let me repeat that and give examples. Batzem recommended KV-a down 100%. Batzem recommended ARQL down 70%.

        Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • Why buy. This stock does nothing but disappoint.