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  • freetoquestionu freetoquestionu Nov 7, 2012 4:26 PM Flag

    Dacogen at ASH

    22 presentations. although batzem would like investor to believe he is correct on Dacogen not having any life, he forgets that Dacogen outside the USA still has life and if no generic comes along, dacogen has a great half life still remaining. Looking over these presenations at ASH a few things jump out. First they did a comaprison head to head Dac and Vid. The conclusion they are very similar and the decision to use one over the other maybe one side effect. Neutrope nia. Vidaza had fewer incidents. This may bold well for sgi-110, because it has a lower side effect here.

    Dacogen results are reported in several combinations. Showing CR's. They have results from several trials with dac for Multiple Myeloma and lymphomas. If you go to ASH, key in only DAC Not Dacogen. Anything they discover for DAC, has to help with where to direct SGI-110. Remember dacogen gets 20 years all indications World Wide. Phase 3 on SGI-110 could explore several other benefits discover in combination and we have no worries about patents expiring. Plus I'm sure they look at what vidaza benefited with in combinations.

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    • no worries free, batty and merlo bash mindlessly, it's their job and likely same person w/ two aliases. personal attacks when you call them and baseless allegations is the mo. their dumb claims of mangmnt fraud, lying, etc are the first clue. if true, we would have seen perp walks. but when the company you are paid to bash continues to make great progress the basher playbook commands you must bash mngmnt and negatively spin positive developments any way you can via smoke and mirrors. GLTA longs!!!!!

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      • Towan,

        I don't consider batzem a basher. It's just hard for any long to stay positive on Astx and management. Over the years they always find a way to disappoint. I believe us longs want something more concrete, to look forward too. SGI-110 or another drug in a ph3 would suffice. We are entering a burn phase, this is a dangerous step for valuation. If you miss, you now miss big, couple that with dacogen possibily going generic and we are facing dangerous waters.

        The key in the next 6 months is for ASTX to partner a new drug. Then most of 2013's costs are covered. The sale of SRPT, a little premature, will help defray some of the costs, next year.

        I have stated that as soon as SGI-110 shows a misstep, I'm out of this stock. I see the two ph'2 in solid tumor on sgi-110 , as very positive moves. I base this against what dac/vid didn't go after in their 20 years of being around. I believe right now, sgi-110 is doing everything they thought it would do in MDS and are seeing a bigger benefit for aml. We only missed in aml by a cat hair with Dacogen in the U.S., so if they show improvement over dacogen, we should get approval for both MDS and AML. I believe we're getting that nod, because they are expanding fast into solid tumors.

        I don't believe that ASTX has shown all their cards on Sgi-110 at ASH in the Abstract. At least I hope not. We will have to see how they lay things out with the presentation. We all understood that this would be the time to update clinical response. At least that's how I understood it. Why would anyone attend these functions, if everything was released prior to the event. the last point, in past years we also find out the negatives on Supg drugs at ASH. We heard about short comings on Dacogen at ASH in the past, so this is that opportunity to present good and bad on the pipeline.

        Would Dr. M move forward on SGI-110 if he wasn't seeing good strides in mds/aml? This would be like spending more dollars on Mp-470, no you cut your loses or you only focus on a new formulation. He has to be seeing the science working, in MHO.

        I think the street will like the jump to Liver Cancer if I'm right on that second Ph2 solid tumor. A year from now, we will start getting updates on solid tumors, with this drug. Our luck, they get approved for aml/mds , however fall short in solid tumors, which is a real possibility and the street slams us.

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    • Here is what jumps out at me you;re pretending to have a scientific background and you dont know what you are talking about ... all your many posts on MP470 and your prove that . Why dont you dig those up while you research message board history. I remember them well . Its nice your have S110 phase 3 discusssions . You are a proven fraud.

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      • Dr. Manuso led us to believe that mp-470 was curing cancer. I rely on the presentations and that they were seeing reductions in those cancers. It's funny both batzem and rory, who both have been on this board 2-4 years longer than anyone else, think they have a clue. I didn't tell either one of you to buy supg in the 6's. I wasn't around when you both jump in this stock and bought 80,000 shares like rory claims. I didn't post for batzem to buy another 10,000 shares at 6.06.

        So what exactly do you want to hear on this board. I believed mp-470 was doing it's work. I can only rely on what Dr. M gave us. It looked solid. I do not claim to be an expert. All I do is look deeper into what could happen. What I see as important. It's your responsibility to exam it. When I see something I don't like, I also report it. Remember my posts on Vidaza survival data. Do you blame me, for you not understanding it.

        I see two idiots who wasted tens of thousands of dollars and now want someone to take the blame. I believe one day astx will get it right. As long as I don't make blunders of buying 10,000 shares at the highes, I'm ok. ASTX has been a difficult stock to make money on. I laughed when all those newbies swarmed in and found out what we already expected. However, I know in my heart, that they will one day, have a breakout moment. I will have my shares and enjoy that day.
        I figure batzem will also be there for that result, rory will have sold five minutes before it.

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    • Rory,

      Celg doesn't have a prodrug for vidaza. They could be the first to lose in the generic game and for you to be giving anyone advice, is just wrong on so many levels. Vidaza is not in a ph2 in Ovarian cancer, they have never attempted a ph 2 in Liver, like sgi-110 is about to do. So little loverboy, just stay on the sidelines, playing pretend.

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    • You still don't get what is going on here do you. All one has to do is look at celg and the anwser is staring you in the face. This hullabayloo from you freewilly and all his funny friends and giving all these situation had led to nothing but a headache. Seriously get with the program.