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  • kyjellie kyjellie Nov 11, 2012 7:15 PM Flag

    Rory sold his one gold tooth

    Didn't you say you sold all your gold when it was $1200 an ounce rory. It looks like loverboy hates it when someone asks a question and not direct to him. Poor baby.

    I told you to buy silver when it was $18.60 an ounce, but you had to go buy BofA in the $30's. How that work out for you? I think rory has soiled his diaper again and the county won't pay anyone to change it. You're the dummy that told everyone to get out of metals, do you want me to find your post.

    BTW rory, I wasn't around to talk you off the ledge, when you bought SUPG in the $7's. Then you spouted off how it was going to $12 a share. Boy did you screw up. I may have miss locking into a trade, but you actually lost $147,200.00. How xxxx is that?

    $147,200.00 what a genius and that's not counting the thumping on BofA. Like I stated in the past, invest in those German bonds paying a negative interest rate, you would be better off, then doing this on your own.

    Chase tomorrow astx. What a dip ch it.

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    • free,

      Rory held those shares from $7 to $3. If he can make fun of you not selling at $3.40, then how would he describe his behavior. Knowing rory, he thinks it was brilliant move on his part. But just wanted to point out the real figure of $320,000.

      Only rory would point his fingers at others, when he made the greatest blunder. I haven't seen a single long claim they got out at $3.4. The aml news locked us in, including rory. He won't admit it, but why is he screaming and kicking that there's manipulation on astx as it falls? If he is out as he claims? Nothing rory posts is honest.

      Yes rory I lost a few dollars on the OEX puts. So, what? It wasn't a total loss.

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