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  • roryrae roryrae Nov 13, 2012 1:20 PM Flag year revenue - 10 mil

    So we've come this far because of dacogen royalties to buy one worthless company(montigen) and spend over 40 million dollars, then we spend another 25 million dollars to invest in avii only to lose close to 20 million and then selling it to. Why sell it ? because avii just turned the corner after changing its name to srpt and up over 3 folds. Then we buy another company and spend 60 million dollars and give compensation to these dimwits that lost over 100 mil of our tnvestors money. Then Manuso tells us in a earnings call that we were offered $4 bucks a share when the price was below $3 only to give it a thumbs down. Now he tells us in the last earnings call we will loose 10 milllion in revenue in dacogen but give us no reason. Now the put/call ratio is over 2 for the month of jan and april.

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