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  • roryrae roryrae Nov 13, 2012 9:20 PM Flag

    Is SGI-110 all that

    The data is no very impressive. Its just dacogen being tweak which got approved bu a group which knew how the FDA system worked. So we have a longer timeframe into one's system but the improvement is mnumum. So prove to me that this drug which is coming up at the ASH conference is something special ?

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    • Isn't it like 4;30 in the morning for you rory? Mr. hawaii, who now resides in MN. There is nothing special about sgi-110. You're absolute right to stay away from owning any of this. The farther away the better. Now go watch some cartoons. The perfect description, Loonie Tunes.

      Looks like rory gets up each morning scratches himself, until a stupid idea pops in his head and then off to the computer he goes. The only question remaining, after the scratching do you sniff the fingers. Watch out for those brain farts. Love how stupid wants to be convinced.

      Watch for Liver cancer trial in SGI-110. You heard it here first. I think this is how Spock would describe rory, the interests of the one (Daffy Duck) out weigh the interests of the many. Stop look down rory, you ran out of cliff. beep beep. lol

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

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      • You have to take a chill pill; you are clearly off your meds.
        Rory is right!
        Thus far-the pipe line including SGI-110 has been a flop.
        One would guess that the market would take into account the progress of the pipeline.
        So, as the forward progress of the compounds inched to a result, the stock price would move forwarded and match that progress.
        We can only conclude that the market place is in accord with Rory and AT THIS POINT has little or no faith in the “pretty charts” and power point prostrations.
        So, you see my friend; give Rory space for his observations they are better than yours!