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  • lovinfriendship lovinfriendship Nov 14, 2012 2:56 PM Flag

    Presentation Today

    Hopefully Eiasi says something about 2013 Dacogen earnings.

    Mero, Eisai has so many products and dacogen a like 1/20 of there revenue, its not a big thing for dacogen revenue to be cut in half say 350mil to 175mil but for astx that goes from 70mil to less than 35mil and with the spending escalating with stock compensation, blowup on aisle 8. Why couldn't we sell the rights just like dacogen, we dont have a sales team, we've been doing this to all of our other drugs. Manuso is a dingbat for being inconsistant. SGI-110 shows promise, better than dacogen according to today's conference, so why not get 15 to 20 million up front and milestones. Aren't we paying for the the other trials that sgi-110 is in like overian cancer.

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    • Lovingfriendship,

      Eisai forecasts Dacogen sales in the past and I believe they will continue to do so in the future. I think Man uso is doing one thing right by continued s110 development and negotiating a better deal than 20 million payment and 20 to 30% totality payment. What I am concerned about is the ineptness of this company getting anything done or approved. I have other concerns but it sounds like complaining. When considering s110 benefits, remember Dacogen and Vidaza patient improvement when they increased dose from 3 to 5. Also I have gotten more information from Eiasi and even Celg than I do from Astex.