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  • maximus06906 maximus06906 Nov 14, 2012 10:33 AM Flag

    Presentation Today

    Nothing stood out to me. No mention on why Dacogen sales were going down next year and zero on the impairment charge and zero updates on AT7519.


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    • I didn't hear any of you knuckle heads discuss how many times Dr. M hinted at Sgi-110 being an Immunological drug. It's going to play a bigger role in this area.

      I just read a paper from SUtC and the other targets for sgi-110 mentioned Breast and Lung. Maybe I jumped the gun on Liver, but we will see? I think I'll just let looney tune talk to himself and his numerous id's here.

      I have a stock moving nicely and that needs my attention. Could have given you a nice one. Maybe one day I'll share the story.

      Has anyone looked at the list of clinics in SGI-110 and that they increased the ph2 #of pts too 180, in a recent clinic change. List of Clinics now with sgi-110

      Mayo Clinic
      University of SC
      University of Chicago
      Roswell Park Cancer Institute
      Cornell University
      Duke University
      Ohio State University
      MD Anderson -Also presenting at ASH about response
      Princess Margaret Hospital

      Did anyone else hear how stable SGI-110 is compared to dac/vid? BTW Dr. M stated that 20M of expenses next year are non cash charges. Meaning burn of maybe $2M. I believe they will makeprofit next year.

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

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      • Free,

        Think you know I am high on Astex's prospects. Some things concern me like:

        1. Where is the update on AT7519?
        2. Why are Dacogen sales going down next year?
        3. What is the impairment charge just booked this quarter? Is it because of MP-470 or GSK relationship ending or another reason?
        4. If you look at the slide on prioritized pipeline programs, they list the Phase 2 of "solid tumor #2" for AT13387 to last 4 YEARS! 2012-2015. Really can this really take 4 years for Phase 2 to end? Does that mean Phase 3 will be 5 years and maybe, if we are lucky they get something approved in 2021?

        All these items make me think that as "great" as the progress is for some aspects of the firm, they are just run with such uncertainy that Wall Street will never pay attention. If SGI-110 was everything you said, someone would buy them. They get a certain revenue stream and $130M in cash right off the bat.

        Maybe I am frustrated at the $2.20 current PPS. After the EU approval, I would have never thought we would be back at these levels. Thought the floor was about $2.50.


      • As one of the proud Knuckle Heads I would like to know when the “pretty slides” and Power Point Presentations will translate into a positive outcome to the stock price?
        Once again Unless and Until we approve our VERY FIRST compound in over a decade; under this management team NADA.
        Also, once again we have no idea how well the presentations reflect the reality!!!

      • Dr. M hinted at Sgi-110

        Dr. M said orathecin will be sold or have a collaboration. Dr. M said they are in the process of shareholder value when the price was at $3 and $3.30 more than once during different earning calls.

        I have a stock moving nicely and that needs my attention. Could have given you a nice one. Maybe one day I'll share the story.

        Pease dont share it with us I just cant stand someone coming in after the facts and knowing you, its all #$%$

    • I just heard the replay

      The data they already presented on S110 showing the degree of demethylation and clinical response is dose related was for 20 patients. The oral presentation at ASH will provide the same data for 78 patients so we will see if the trend is our friend. I suspect it is. It will be presented by an investigator from MD Anderson

      Significantly they showed a slide of their partnerships. In the GSK box there was a line that read "non-clinical near term milestones of 37 millions pounds" I certainly never saw that before.

      We will see preliminary data from the HSP 90 inhibitor gist trial didnt say where or how in Q4

      As Max says they put up a revenue slide showing 70 mil for dacogen in 2012 and 60 mil in 2013 .Didnt discuss the potential generic competition as the reason for the decline. This kind of thing lowers their credibility even more

      Doesnt mention the Stand up to cancer dream team any more in relation to S110 . i dont know why but this bothers me. I certainly would include it if I were presenting

      Who knows if they get the 37 million pounds from gsk next year and they dont get generic competiion and eu sales are significant they are setting up a huge beat for 2013 . Maybe then the stock pops DR M retires and excercise his options I will be right behind him or hopefully in front.