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  • Yeah, we buy that loverboy. Glad silverold is always here to hold your hand.

    Sentiment: Strong Buy

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    • Hate,

      You checking out the move on SLV? Only way to "play silver" in my opinion. (I wouldn't want to mess with "physical silver." I don't have enough room to store it. (You need a walk-in safe.)


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      • I now stay away from SLV. It was a great way to play silver and not have to hold physical. However, do some research on their paperwork, they do not have to pay you in silver, if things unravel. I own PSLV for my paper silver.

        You should make room to store physical. We will learn one day that things are not as they seem in all the metal holding by the bankers. Specially SLV. Just remember I warned you.

        I visited a coin dealer this weekend. I was surprised to see they want for junk silver, $3.50 per mercury dime. So today you can buy a gallon of gas, for one dime. It's nice to see your investments grow like silver has. Well dumb dumb, made it his point to say he sold his metals, when I stated you better start acquiring metals. Remember my comment too gold tooth. In the history of Dodo making statements on this board. The biggest error he will witness, is not listening to that advice. This will make his call on BofA look like only losing 75% was a good call.

        Glad you own metals, I just believe you have to read what you invested in. Spend this weekend reviewing the paperwork, there will be something you do not like in it. Unless you want to roll the dice. Just remember what happen to MF Global, none of those fokes got their gold. Also pack away some TP

        Sentiment: Strong Buy