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  • kyjellie kyjellie Dec 10, 2012 10:08 AM Flag

    A-Day Friday

    Thought I would clear this up for a few of you. The A-Day on friday, starts at 12:15 GMT. That will mean it starts at 7:15 EST. Will they finally have something strong to say. I believe so, why December for this meeting. Still believe we flirt with $4, this year. Maybe we can turn those frowns upside down and get mero,think,loverboy. Opps loverboy stated he sold most his shares. Timing is everything.

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    • Could be a brilliant move by ASTX to have the A-Day this week. I believe they also roll out the 3rd ph2 on sgi-110 this week. My guess it is still Liver. But would not be surprised if they go after the epigentic priming concept. Could all chemo just need a little help by sgi110. What would that be worth in annual sales? My only concern is that they put this together for damage control.

      Can never rule that out with this management team.

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      • Free, If you want to see what it could be worth in annual sales, take a look at the Dawson James research report of Nov 26th. They have ASTX with $1B in sales by 2020. I know that this is just a beancounter filling in a template but it funny to see that kind of number for revenue. FYI, they also have ASTX with $18M in sales in 2015.

    • It will be interesting how much they say on Wed at the conference in NY ahead of the Friday meeting. Very much looking forward to both events.