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  • merohricht merohricht Dec 11, 2012 7:12 AM Flag

    generous stock options

    I see the strategy with options. Man uso is focused on shareholders. We management with options will further steal this company. Then we focus on creating shareholder value. Wonder when they announce man uso's shares!

    Next is cash bonuses

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    • This Buckman guy gets 180,000 shares worth of options.

      We never heard of him, until the A-Day announcement, where he will speak about partnerships. Every year the same gang jumps on option debate, they fail to understand, these options are worthless, if the shareprice doesn't appreciate. I specially want this Buckman guy, looking at the long term picture on these options.

      I feel we are near a deal being announced. How does this low titled position, get a 180,000 share option? Because he's the MAN. I feel we are overdue for something large being announced. Partner on at13387 or sgi-110 could be what's on the horizon. Put together the pieces, we have no prior warning on A-day in December.

      Why A-DAY in Decemeber?

      Sentiment: Strong Buy