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  • kyjellie kyjellie Dec 13, 2012 8:59 AM Flag


    Not high enough? With SGI-110 and HSP90 drugs showing great results, this may mean some huge partnership deals. One deal will pay 50 years of these guys bonuses and wages. Granted you want to see the payoff first, good, you chase this. That's what I'm hearing from the peanut gallery.

    I cannot recall anytime where dacogen or vid showed a CR in aml. SGI-110 is getting CR's in heavily pretreated pts. I think that is remarkable. They also now have a key biomarker on who will benefit with these drugs. The pts that show at least 10% demethylation also show postive results. I believe they feel with the 10 day dosing 1-5,9-13 day cycle, could raise the bar.

    c-max and measured AE's are considerably lower than dacogen. Dr. M stated yesterday that this drug could easily be best in class, in a $1B market. That doesn't take in to account AML and solid tumor numbers. The only thing I see so far as a negative, is when the drug doesn't show 10% demethlation, they have poor responses in heavily pretreated pts. It also sounded like yesterday, that dacogen maybe a little easier to go generic than vidaza. Something to do with being a truer form of decitabine.

    Looking forward to Friday. I may get up early and listen to it.

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    • The point is they DO NOT have an approved drug. They have a phase one and an IF COME!
      When you hire a person you expect RESULTS not a line of #$%$!
      Truckloads of NOTHING gets us no where, I mean we are talking phase l.and a hopeful maybe! This all comes after over a decade of NOTHING!
      Time for a time line, with keystone dates and hold all accountable if the dates are not met. Right now it’s anything goes! Lets pay on completion of the work!

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      • Where do you get your info from think. Between you and mero, I really don't know who is dumber. TRy PH2 in three trials of sgi-110, if you count the one they will announce in the 4Q.

        If you wait for the news to hit you over the head, you will pay a huge premium. Look at SRPT, $4 one day and $19 the next and $26 the next day. This is why you invest in biotechs. Dr. M had many hiccups. Some of them never materialized, but the street sold. Same thing works the opposite way. Build it and they will come. However, just not on your timeline. Go buy dem bonds and earn your 2%.

        I wish mero would lay off the sauce, he sounds more and more like loverboy by the day. If boomed is jelly, your correct. He bought dem supg in the $56 range.


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    • Sorry, share price in 2000 was over $60 per share. Hopefully boomed still here is holding those shares.

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      • I worked at Ariad pharmaceuticals as a medicinal chemist. I was obsessed with the stock. The drug on the horizon was ridiforolimus....orally bio-available...great safety and efficacy. The stock did nothing for years. There was always a run-up over the release of key data, but even still the stock would relax. The event that triggered the movement was the release of the phase 3 data. Even then, the drug had its own market because the target was a type of cancer that hadn't had an approved treament for 30 years. My point here is...what the hell are people thinking that somehow Astex is just going to take off tomorrow. I agree, there is great potential for this company, but not right this second. We all know when the stock is going to go up-and-up.

        Ariad, like Astex, squandered cash for years... ripping off investors...or so it seemed. This was not the case though...YOU CAN'T RUSH SCIENCE. They didn't have anything that was marketable. Listen to the science, not your gutt telling you that the stock is going to go through the roof. If there is anything vague about the data... be people sugar-coat things because they dont give a f*** about the patients. All they know is to keep pushing their product like a salesman in a wagon selling diluted sugar tinctures to beggars that don't know any better. All of these presentations that are given by scientists are trimmed and edited by don't think for a second that the data sounds amazing at any given time. Small molecule therapy is very crude...nothing is perfect about it. Sorry for the digression... not sure where I was going with this last paragraph...but you get the point. Astex will move.... just not right now. ;)

    • I don't have a problem paying bonuses when earned. How many pharmas have promising new drugs and yet their CEO's are not or were not paid 10's of millions on salary, bonuses and stock options while share price moves from $24+ to $1.50 plus.

      Look at GNW today with a market cap of ..3.4 billion, a multicontinent insurance company with billions invested announced a new CEO paying him 1 million a year. Infinitely more complex a position than Man uso's whose major accomplishment is presenting to analysts at conferences.