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  • kyjellie kyjellie Dec 13, 2012 10:19 AM Flag

    It seems that THINK wants a timeline

    Funny rory always wants a timeline...hmmm. Any doubt they are the same flunky? The same idiots selling at 2.31. How many times has he missed the run up? One day he's going to miss a $2 jump and then the $20 jump. I understand you need reassurances daily. But your timing sucks.

    Did SRPT did they give any heads up on the move from $4 to $19 and then to $26. Your not going to get a wakeup call Think or Rory. Not going to happen. One day the street is going to like what it sees and you will make only 10% of what you could have. The science has to be there. Up to now the science has sucked. But that doesn't mean that this cannot change on a dime.

    I believe Dr. M should get 1/2 he gets and the other part should be escrowed. Like you I want results. I believe we are seeing those results. If you wait for a clear announcement, this will gap up. BTW get your facts correct. Nothing worse than a dumb cry baby.

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    • When oh when will you understand! NOTHING is happening; NOTHING to see here, the one and only one hope is waiting on phase 2 results. Then maybe if we wait patiently and say nothing about the raid on the cash resister we will some day get an approved drug. That day may be in the distant future. So Unless and Until!
      Then what? This is a biotech development company lets get the 140 employees working on moving the ever so slow biotech developing before they find Jimmy Hoffa.