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  • kyjellie kyjellie Dec 13, 2012 12:04 PM Flag

    Over view on ASTX pipeline and partners

    Here is where ASTX stands today on pipeline and partners:

    Janssen Cilag 270M euro deal worth $351M
    JNJ 42756493 FRGR Tyrosine Kinase in ph1 in Lyphomas

    Novartis 290M Euro deal worth $377M
    LEE011 in Ph1 105PT Lymphomas Trials in USA, FRANCE,Netherlands
    2nd ph1 in MRT Neuroblastoma

    ASTRA ZENCA Amount of deal unknown
    AZD5363 in 4 ph1 trials Breast,Prostate,advanced solid tumor trial in Japan
    AZD3293 Announced Nov 30, 2012 Alzeeimers Disease

    GSK 300M Euro deal worth $390M

    SGI-110 In Ovarian,MDS/AML,soon to announce the 3rd ph2

    AT133987 Preliminary data on GIST to be released at ASCO on Jan13,2013

    Get your facts correct THINK. Just because you bragged you sold at 2.31, you only missed a 21% increase again, while you jump into DVAX at a 50% loss. I have a better name for rory's aliase, how about THINKAGAIN. Because the one thing you don't do to well is THINK. Tomorrow will have something good. I suggest you put your money in a fund and pray that they invest in ASTX.

    They have over $1.1B in deals and we don't know what Astra Zenca deal was. Has to be decent that they have 4 trials already in progress with 2 compounds. But you wait for the street to give you that wake up call.

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    • Hate,

      Nice overview. (You never answered my question regarding "silver." I assume you own some "physical silver." How do you store it?)


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      • I own a lot of silver and it is bulky and heavy compared to gold. But the trouble with gold, is that if is not easily divided or bartered. You have to have silver. The more the better. I also suggest you keep every Nickel you touch. In the near future they will stop making certain coins. If you had saved every dime in 1965 you could get your hands on, you would have seen 2600% return on each coin.

        I believe Silver is the most undervalued asset that you will see in your lifetime. No one knows the true value of metals. Today they sell the same ounce of silver 100 -1000 times over. Best gift you can give and get this xmas, is a ounce of silver. As for where I store it, I have a safe and I also hid some of it. But do not worry, they only buying back 90% of our bonds., the USA is good for it. Promising 200T in benefits and tax the rich, that will keep things going another few weeks.

        Watch where dividend,capital gains taxes go up too next year. The real kicker that the main street media don't talk that the $250K FDIC insurance vanishes Jan1,2013. Back to $100K. Pass those bills no one's read. Liberals are going to feel it one day. Every single employee gets taxed $93 in 2013. Every employer has to pay this amoun or pass that cost to employeest. Walmart just raised their insurance employee contributions anywhere from 15% to 36%.

        The last straw will be pulled. You better own some silver and gold and TP.

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    • ASTRA Zenca deal 150M euro or $195M. Plus all these deals come with percentage revenues. So right now ASTX has over 1.25B+ in deals. About 10 trials underway by these partners in some very serious cancers. I like that each of these companies has expanded trials of these drugs. Some as recent as late 2012. But listen to the looney tone gang.

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