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  • kyjellie kyjellie Dec 20, 2012 4:39 PM Flag

    3rd Phase 2 in sgi-110

    Looks like the next ph2 in sgi-110 is in Hepatocellar Caricoma. This is why astx was up today.

    I know I stated it would be in Liver Cancer, I can hear rory right now lol. That I was wrong, but wait a second HC is Liver cancer.

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    • Thanks max. Reading through the trial, they take 15 pts and see if sgi-110 benefits this cancer responses. It would be nice to see a partnership get done under Dr. M and astex pipeline. We see a new face getting stock options, the deal guy, I'm hoping they are rewarding him for the ground work of putting together a deal on at13387 or sgi-110 or one of the new compounds.

      It would be nice to see if any generic is getting ready with dacogen. With the result of a CR in the pediatrics trial, I feel it's a slam dunk on the 6 month extension. Which we should see that as a announcement in the near future.

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    • Nice call on this Free. You had it 10 days before the press release. Nice to start the New Year with a positive press release.


    • Deb,

      This board needs you back. We just witnessed his adolences. So you think $12. Could be worth 5 times that with an approved drug. Several years ago brainfart posted daily that supergen didn't have a pipeline. Today they have 15-25 drug trials going on with themselves and partners. I plan on sitting down and mapping out all the trials. Unbelieveable that they have advanced this far since buying astex. I was happy to see Liver Cancer get the next indication.

      You're absolutely correct that rory didn't like my call. BTW no partner is going to just want a fraction of sgi-110. I think Dr. M is ready to sell, but on his terms.

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    • Great call free. How do you know these things in advance? I bought a bunch of shares this afternoon. Bill also bought some. Expect us to be posting more often. Someone suggested a buyout is on the way. I feel strongly that someone is going to make a play for both sgi-110 and at13387 and this discovery machine. I wanted to see the sgi-110 update first before I strongly committed. Had a nice reply from Tim that I liked. I put a target of $12. Again huge call on Liver cancer. You can tell rory hates it when you nail these things. He's such a adolescent.

      My suggestion let's just foscus on the science. Let the good old rory play with his id's. I crack up everytime you call his ideas brainfarts. That is exactly what they are. He's got nothing up stairs to post about. I think rory knows he's not to swift. How can he not know it.

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    • Think, giving us his sound advice. I think you tried this stategy in 2005 when you bought supg at $7 range and lost what was it about $140K. Your own words. Think believes the street is going to tap him on the sholder and whisper sweet words "buy" just minutes before the news.

      Of all the Id's rory's made up, Think is not the smartest one in the drawer.

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    • I can hear rory right now lol. That I was wrong, but wait a second HC is Liver cancer.

      Could care less if your wrong or right just love to see you spin this one way or another. You can still buy the stock now that someone had sold at $3.40. Didn't you see this happening before your eyes. Take a look at celgene and try to understand when to sell and when to buy it back. I told you this for a ssecond time but did you listen hell no.

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      • Did you see before your eyes rory when you sold astx at 2.31 and it ran to 3.40 level. You make no sense at all. I'm happy with what I did with my CELG profits. Bought SLW at $22 and sold it near $48. Bought additional shares of astx. On that alone i'm up more than anything I would have made on CELG. You should concentrate on your losing record rory.

        BTW rory you only make claims after the facts, because when you claim them before, you always fall on your face.(DVAX and BAC) It seems you and Think, have some thinking to do. Sgi-110 off and running and you watching it climbing out of your reach.

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    • Thanks Free. Where did you see this?