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  • roryrae roryrae Jan 10, 2013 2:00 PM Flag

    Celg just past $95 a share.


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    • Rory,

      I made about $35,000 additional profit selling Celg and buying SLW. Instead of holding CELG for two more years. Since selling SLW, I have loaded up nicely on ASTX. So please don't worry about me so much. You have to worry about how stupid you look selling astx at 2.31 range. You now missing a $1 move on those shares.

      If I don't answer you rory, it's because you showed how insignificant you are to this board. Anyone who had listen to you, has to be crying today. Whn I'm board I screw with you, when I'm making money, you are worthless distraction now.

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

      • 3 Replies to kyjellie
      • selling one value stock and buying another worthless trash in the stock market is too often to mention here!

      • I made about $35,000 additional profit selling Celg and buying SLW

        Awww do tell, and whatever happen when you sold everything cause its only worth the price of toilet paper ? BTW still holding onto my shares of astx and celg and bac.

      • Selling error;;Bored not board. Oppsy daisy.

        All rory has now is to pretend he's smart. But by the looks of things, he goofed big time this round. This is how stupid this guy is, he states he sold half his position in astx at 2.31, then makes numerous posts how awful management is and the stock headed to 1.81. Well we all know the rest of the story, rory watching from the sidelines, playing make believe.

        You almost have to feel sorry for the little guy. He has missed each and every run on this stock.

        Sentiment: Strong Buy