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  • kyjellie kyjellie Jan 11, 2013 8:27 AM Flag


    Hope you got out of arql. News today was not good. Sorry dude.

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    • No i still have it and they are still alive with liver cancer phase 2. I see a lot of parallels between astex and arql. Both have multiple compounds that showed strong indications of efficacy in early stages. both have plenty of cash , the science in both was validated by partnerships with big pharma

      Goes to show you until you have confirmed Phase 3 results its all a wing and a prayer even for big pharma. I think you get a little carried away sometime with astex compounds none of which has finished a full phase 2 trial. I have a big bet on Astex but at the end of the day biotech investing is betting,.. a gamble . Thats what trials are for and NO ONE knows in advance which companies will succeed and which will fail.

      Astex is no hidden gem the fact the price remains at 3..00 tells you many people dont believe in the final success of these programs. i hope they are wrong but its not just the 20 or so people who post on this board who are aware of astex and the possibility of S110 dominating a 1 billion dollar market. If it was a sure thing the stock would be much higher . Its not.

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      • The speculation in bio's is not out there. Look at SRPT, if you had a valid point here, then more investors should have been aware of that move in advance. I bet there were only a handful of investors discussing SRPT, prior to the pop.

        You are absolutely right,no one knows which trials will get approved. But I believe sgi-110 has a excellent chance of doing it. Looks like you share the same sentiment that Think had, that a little birdie going to whisper in your ear that they have a homerun. Not going to happen.

        Well at least one brainfart has been put to rest. Everyday we heard from the peanut gallery about Dr. M, I don't see mero,loverboy,batzem and even max posting the usual nonsense. BTW if one of these Bio's gets ahead of it's self, it gets clobbered by the shorts.

        Hope your ARQL turns around for you. In the mean time I will research what I find on astex and we'll see who is right long term here.

        Sentiment: Strong Buy