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  • kyjellie kyjellie Jan 17, 2013 8:50 AM Flag

    Sandy OT

    Recently the push to tax the rich was a hard fought battle. The Republicans caved on no new taxes and so anyone making more than $400K, just got a higher tax bill. Well low and behold, in the first two weeks of January, our elected officials, found it in there hearts to spend each and ever dime of the increase revenues, that they just bargain to get. None of it went to paying down the deficits, instead the $60B they would raise from higher taxes, was all spent on Sandy.

    That means the deficits will increase more than last year and we raised taxes. My guess the decit hits 17.5T this year. More glammering about taxing the rich will go on and on. Redistribution. Wait till one of the liberals here sells a stock after holding a year and see's a 20% tax bill on it. Anyone see their medical insurance go down as promised by Oblamer? But they still building dem roads and passing those bills no ones read.

    Sentiment: Strong Buy