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  • lovinfriendship lovinfriendship Jan 21, 2013 2:46 AM Flag

    $100 for celg

    Hey freewilly what ever happen to your stock certificate ? Using them for TP.hahahaha

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    • This shows how stupid you are rory. I buy Celg at $37 and sell it for $64. You never owned any, but somehow think you're smarter than me.

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

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      • You sold your stock for $29/share profit and reinvested it in other things. That makes Rory think you are an idiot.

        When I was a teenager, my dad played golf in a foursome of people he didn't know. They got to talking about what they did for a living. One of the guys was a serious investor and talked up a stock he was going to dive into that was about $10 at the time. He recommended it to the other guys in the group. My dad did some research and invested $2000 in this stock. Near the end of the golf season, he was put in a foursome again with two of these guys. The first guy said he thought about investing in it, but didn't. My dad said he sold it at $23, making a nice $2600 profit. The guy who recommended it said "Why in the world did you sell it?! It is now at $30." I will always remember what my dad said. "I will never complain and worry later after selling a stock for a good profit. You never are sure when a good run will end." So, I will never criticize anyone for making a profit.