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  • idiotsrevenge10 idiotsrevenge10 Jan 21, 2013 8:34 AM Flag

    Better KY stay silent so people just think he's an Idiot, rather the know it with certainty.

    This savant fool cheers for the wrong team. The facts are 2 years ago ASTX had 50 mil shares, today it is almost 100 mil with all the new shares, that is 2x dilution, Mancuso makes $1.75 mil a year, and his underlings make .5-.6x his amount. Why even the CFO made 3/4 a mil a year for a one income stream company with their only drug coming off patent this year, what does the CFO do drive down the quarterly royalty check to the bank in his company car, make sure they get all their paper goods at a discount from Dunder Mifflen. This management has used the company at the expense of shareholders, large salaries and bonuses, heavy on the stock options when shareholders get squat.

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