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  • kyjellie kyjellie Jan 22, 2013 3:51 PM Flag

    KY Dummy is stupid

    I haven't made up one thing. Did you state you sold at 2.31? Did you state we were headed to 1.81. Are you the most unhappy person here with astex moving higher? Hey loverboy, you never going to attract a lovingfriendship, with that bio. Sorry you lost out on your covered calls. You just a dope. You know it and now the rest of the board knows it.

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    • Did you state you sold at 2.31? Did you state we were headed to 1.81.

      Hell no, was trying to get you to sell your shares just like celg. I kept telling you to look towad celg to find the answer stupid. Back when celg went to $55, the problem was they were coming with expiration and competitors could use a generic version of revlimid which brought the stock down. Same thing had happen to astx and during the time it stopped out there wannabee drug and the eu approval, everything was in motion. But your so stupid you never sold and bought it back did u ? And thats why I call you stupid cause your so anal and the MAN, you cant see what is actually going on dimwit.

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      • Rory - Are you trying to tell us you actually said you sold your shares at $2.31, and that the stock would drop to $1.81 just to get Free to sell his shares? First, do you really think you can manipulate Free, or anyone else on this board? Second, so basically everything you say on this board is unreliable, because you may just be trying to trick other people. Lastly, how can you always be wrong, yet constantly attack other people? Seriously, you are mental!

      • Anyone here understand rory? wannabe drug and look to celg and stop out. Is Rory smoking the cheap stuff again? Generic vervsion of Revlimid? Do you mean Vidaza?

        So your excuse about selling astx and claiming it was headed to 1.81 was to pursuade me to sell my shares of astx. Are you nuts.

        Nice story rory. I'm not buying any of it. Wish we could have an intelligent conversation just once. But we know your limitations.

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