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  • kyjellie kyjellie Jan 23, 2013 10:51 AM Flag

    Please board

    When rory claims he's selling shares, someone please give him the support he craves. It seems he feels neglected and unappreciated. He would like to beThe MAN. So maybe we need to follow his keen advice and so what if we miss a $1 move on the share price. It's not about making a dollar here, it's about rory having a following. I went back and look at a few posts from 2004 by rory. It was funny that rory posted he sold supg at a profit. However someone pointed out that just two days earlier rory was stating he had shorted supgergen. Well this is what this guy does. He tries to guess the direction in hopes he looks like he has a edge.

    I have a suggested rory, how about you check in each morning and give us your position that morning. If it changes during the day, you update immediately. Instead of this pretentious moves you claim you made days after the facts. Let's have some accountability, show us how smart you are. We will make you our honory "The Man ".

    Sentiment: Strong Buy

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    • I see rory. You don't like being treated like a child, you just like acting as a child. You want to play make believe and have everyone admire your lies. It gets old rory. Something's not right with you.

      I have more reserch to do on astx. You go play with all your loonie tune characters, the latest one idiotsrevenge, best describes you. I feel for you dude, it can't be easy being a goof. But you do it so well. Really that's from the bottom of my heart. Great job selling at 2.31. Try doing a little reserach, get your mind out of the gutter. Do something constructive, but that's right, you and Think, believe someone's going to whisper buy in your ear, 5 minutes before news.

      You da man rory. Why we all didn't sell at 2.31, is just unexplainable. At least the brain farts have stopped since we moved to 3.30 range. Boy you have no imagination.

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • When rory claims he's selling shares, someone please give him the support he craves

      Hell no, don't want anything support from the board, I want is for you to stop your lying and being a big baby and let others say what they want to say instead of being bullied by you. That when you make a stupid statement like SELL ALL YOUR STOCKS NOW BECAUSE HYPER STAGEFLATION or having so many alias name we stop bean counting, give us a break you damn liar. Even at this moment telling everyone I need attention ? Hell no its you da MAN which craves for attention.
      Can't accept that it played out my way and telling will look stupid and letting your foot get caught in your mouth.