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  • thinkabout1120 thinkabout1120 Jan 29, 2013 4:09 PM Flag

    Batzem, what is your price target this year?

    Unfortunately, for we longs Dacogen loses its “protective” status this May.
    While we will not feel an instant drop in revenues; never the less the market looks forward. Sadly we are not close to any new approved compound. Maybe someone out there knows a better date, but right now it looks at least 18 months out to even get a chance at one of the science projects proving out successfully!

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    • Think,

      Name the generic company? Why would you claim to be long, but think the share price is headed south. The market out there for dacogen is roughly $200M. I don't see a generic entering the picture. Just like vidaza. With the EU aml approval, we could be looking at $90M in revenues this year. But do some DD, show us a real concern. Until and unless you do research, you are as insignificant as loverboy.

      Sentiment: Strong Buy