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  • weightbayou weightbayou Feb 7, 2013 2:19 PM Flag

    Manuso is grossly overpaid.

    I hope someone in the audience at the CEO BIO conference shouts that statement to him. I am long ASTX but that pay level is obscene.

    Sentiment: Strong Buy

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    • Newsflash, man lands on the moon...

      • 1 Reply to maximus06906
      • News falsh...all rory's ids start off the same way. They brag about some presentation. They all raw raw raw. Then it turns to DR. M is over paid. It seems rory has no imagination. He's a simpleton. Think it's time for the TEST! Rory,batzem,think,mdbobblehead,max, deb.

        How about we play cards? There are numerous sites where we all can join the same table and play texas holdem. Even Yahoo has a site. All these ids of rory's show up and we deal cards. It's free. We cannot find out where you live. It's real time.

        It seems that rory likes to pretend he's a man. Deb proved me wrong last night. How about the real girly men take my test. That's right, you only muncho when you can hide behind 12 id's.

        Sentiment: Strong Buy