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  • kyjellie kyjellie Feb 7, 2013 7:57 PM Flag

    Batzem states GENERIC on The Way

    He has no proof, but his opinion. Batzem why not sell?

    I see you really don't believe your own stupid opinion. If you're correct then the smart thing would be to sell. You should be on the sidelines. Waiting too scoup this up. It's comical when the dumb butts play doctor. They only see it when I do it. Of course I research my points and provide evidence. Batzem just throws a hessy fit.

    Deb took you apart on viagra. You didn't know what bus ran you over. Even rory didn't ride in and rescue you. Well that's like throwing an anvil to a drowning man.

    Time to sell batzem. You would like a moron holding your shares. Put up or shut up. You have a decision, because news will be announced before May. So what are you waiting for genius? Look you could for once look smarter than me. Not an easy feat.

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    • He has no proof, but his opinion. Batzem why not sell?

      why you tell him what to do ? Its amessage board dummy.

    • free,

      Here is the newest on Vidaza and Dr. Reddy's. On the master drug list...Dr. Reddys not listed for azacitidine. I felt that this is a topic that needed to be explored, since it could affect my shares. Maybe if Batzem used his mind instead of idiotic remarks, we all could learn something. I have not found anything that anyone has launch a dacogen generic. It would seem that Eisai would have to disclose any generic threat. If we use the same math on dacogen that they did here on vidaza, the opportunity for Dr. Reddys on dacogen would be around the $55M . It seems that Batzem is a little thin skinned. Well it's not a perfect world. I bite my lip on numerous occassions. But it looks like batzem could be right. Before batzems heads swells up, I found this in a few seconds, you had 24 hours. I would explain to you my method, but feel you would not understand. BTW batzem, I post over 5 years ago, where to find generic news on decitabine. So most likely you learned it from me.

      Dr Reddy’s starts mining $136 million drug exclusivity

      Published: Friday, Jan 4, 2013, 3:55 IST
      By KV Ramana | Place: Hyderabad | Agency: DNA

      Pharma major Dr Reddy’s Laboratories has embarked on yet another 180-day exclusivity opportunity with the launch of its Finasteride tablets in the US market.

      Finasteride, which is marketed by a Merck subsidiary under Propecia brand, had an estimated $136 million sales for 12 months ended October 2012. Dr Reddy’s would market the 1 mg tablets in the bottle counts of 30 and 90.

      Under the exclusivity, Dr Reddy’s would be the only company other than the innovator to market the drug for six months in the US.

      However, analysts are wary of the price erosion on introduction of the generic drug.

      Finasteride is indicated for the treatment of benign prostatic hyperplasia and male pattern baldness.

      Meantime, the company is expected to receive approvals for yet another limited competition drug – azacitidine (brandname Vidaza) — in the US market this quarter.

      “Azacitidine brand size is $340 million and both patent and marketing exclusivity have expired. Dr Reddy’s filed DMF (drug master file) in February 2010 and could get approval any time,” wrote Anubhav Aggarwal and Chunky Shah, analysts with Credit Suisse on Thursday.

      At 50% price erosion and a 50% market share, Azacitidine could be a $65 million opportunity for Dr Reddy’s and competition is likely to remain limited before Teva enters after two years, they said.

      Analysts also expect another drug Metoprolol to start contributing significantly to the revenue. “Higher Metoprolol sales should start in the middle of this quarter. We expect $60 million annualised contribution with margins of about 90%,” the Credit Suisse analyst said.

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      • 2 Replies to debdoesbios
      • Deb,

        You think batzems a little thin skinned? He gets his feelings hurt if you question anything he posts. Maybe batzem choose the 70% drop in dacogen revenues starting in May, because most of his stock picks tumble that fast. He needs to be intellectually honest in his posts. But he only has so far he can carry his thoughts. Who else does that remind you of? Rory....hmmmm?

        Good find on vidaza.

        Sentiment: Strong Buy

      • Well Fred and Ginger nice dance. Better sell before the music stops. I never said there would be a generic by May I said there was a possibility. Astex substanially lowered their income projections for Dacogen in 2013 do you need to be hit in the head with the truth before you see it.

        KY do you actually put on a dress before you post as Deb? Its all so predictable LOL

        Deb complains it takes me too long to look things up just like you did .. Deb complains she posted something 5 years ago and I copied from her just like you did. Your act is getting stale