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  • kyjellie kyjellie Feb 8, 2013 9:32 AM Flag


    Let's get your facts correct. You stated something that you have no actual proof that decidibine is going generic. It's the way you post that is child like. Here is your original post:

    "The price is where it should be. The sad fact is beginning in May we could start to lose 70% or more of our revenue to generics."

    How do you start to lose 70% May? This is why you are ridiculed. This is why you need rory as back up, because you lack the intelligence to put things in perspective. ASTX estimate for the whole year the impact would be 14% drop. But as a pseudo scientist you choose 70%. I understand who exactly I'm talking with...aka rory. So you will never understand how ignorant you are.

    " If we do we go from a cash rich to a cash burning machine in a hurry. In the meantime despite the pseudo scientists who post on this board we do not have one drug ready for Phase 3. Since only a third of drugs have a successful Phase 2 and only 25% go on to have a successful Phase 3. we have a long way to go to be a sure thing. Im not saying we will fail Im just saying its a risk i do own a lot of this stock."

    You do own a lot of stock, why did you have the need to clarify that? Because you knew you were over stepping any real facts. A person who lies, always has to state something to make themselves sound more crediable. Why is it that THINK,RORY AND yourself for now months always point at that our drugs are only in ph2. Why is it that you ignore the milestones of $1B, up for grabs. But that's right your little mind only wrapped around sgi-110.

    "Just look at any biotech under 5 bucks and you will find throngs of supporters cheering early results which nine out of ten times go no where. There is no one on this board who has shown the pedigree to comment on the probabilty of success of these drugs only pretenders who regurgitate verbatim the articles they find on line. This is sophisticated gambling not investing."

    Dude you've been invested here for 10 years almost. Sophisticated're a far cry from sophisticated. Only thing sophisticated about your investing is the way you find stocks that fall 75%. Well you and rory do share all the same attributes. Loser,loser,loser.

    Sentiment: Strong Buy

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    • Really how can i argue with you when you have the reading comprehension skills of a 1st grader. I said could go generic not would. I said start to lose 70 & (not all the first day) These a re simple concepts but you choose to try to twist them enforcing your reputation as a liar and loser.

      My personal favorite is your shout out to Deb for the Vidaza Dr Reddy connection, A few days ago you were protesting Dr Reddy has no IV products so they couldn't be working on Dacogen or Vidaza. Dance out of that one you phony.