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  • batzem batzem Feb 8, 2013 2:31 PM Flag

    Last Message to KY HATE FREE DEB

    I have to decided to greatly reduce my position for now because the more I iook into it the likelihood of a generic coming before meaningful news on the pipeline or a milestone or new deal is too great..

    I wil buy it back when it is 30 -50 % cheaper, In the meantime get ready to take it up the shute You will need some Ky And furthermore if you dont protect the gerbil I'll report you to peta.

    Dont bother responding I wont be posting or reading the board until after the generic. You've really shone your true colors in the last week a psuedo intellect who everyone can see knows nothingl Still waiting for those milestones dreamer

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    • Another nice call.

      Sentiment: Sell

    • You have to be impressed with the class that batzem displays. In his parting shot, he wishes bad luck on all investors of ASTX. Instead of just stating he decided to limit his exposer to a generic copy, this week batzem stated we would see a 70% drop in revenues for dacogen starting in May. He now predicts a 30-50% drop in the share price. The funny part for the past few months, it's all been negativity from batzem. The shares he claimed he owned were increasing in value, but the negativity continued. Strange behavior.

      I did some research this afternoon on generics. I found that article about vidaza going generic. But nothing on dacogen. Eisai has a division that is generic drugs. I wonder if they will just generic drive this, themselves? What that would mean too ASTX, I don't have that answer. But just the threat of the eisai being able to keep this drug sales going, under a generic label, well that maybe something other generic companies do not want to find out. I as an investor want to look at all angles.

      My last point, this maybe the right time for Dr. M to shop this. A larger company would not be impacted by a generic, as much as ASTX, right now. The aml approval will cover some of the generic exposer, but not all of it. This should been title second last message to us.

      We all wish batzem the best.

      Sentiment: Buy

    • Batzam not sure if selling your position here is a smart move ? Time will tell good luck