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  • debdoesbios debdoesbios Feb 10, 2013 2:18 PM Flag

    SEC filing

    It looks like Walter Lack bought some more shares. In June last year he exercized 35,000 shares. Well on Friday he was at it again, exercizing 42,500 shares. He now owns 457,500.

    Looking at the filing, he decided to exercize 7500 shares at $3.97. The rest 35,000 shares at $2.92.

    Why would he spend $3.97 for shares, he could just buy in the market at $3.39?

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    • Another positive sign IMHO like the position taken by Blackrock in Astex. Think we get updated institutional holdings list on Friday the 15th.

    • Deb,

      On Monday mornings, I start the morning off reviewing update on clinical trials. Then I view any SEC filings and found this:

      Feb 5, 2013

      LACK WALTER JDirector



      Option Exercise at $2.92 - $3.97 per share.

      I see that you got the scoup first. Reading stupid rory's reply to your post, it seems that he's not too happy with this development. It appears that rory's little make believe world is caving in on him. We saw the child like post from batzem, aka...rory. This guy just ain't all there. Curious, rory claims to live in Hawaii, what's he up at 3.30am his time, posting on this board.

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    • Why would he spend $3.97 for shares, he could just buy in the market at $3.39?

      The same reason why you stink like freewilly.

    • Found this. it may explain why walter lack would exercize options at a higher amount than if he bought shares in the open market:

      If the employee wishes to profit from the stock option awards, the eligible options must be purchased at the agreed-upon strike price. For example, if an employee has 1,000 options with a $1 exercise price, the employee must pay $1,000 to the company to receive the underlying shares of common stock. The acquiring company may impose a deadline by which options must be exercised prior to closing. Failure to exercise the options may result in employee forfeiture of the option awards. There are many ways this transaction can happen. The employee can write a check to the company out of his bank account, the amount may be withheld from an employee's paycheck, the company may provide a bridge loan to the employee to be repaid when the employee sells the shares of stock during the acquisition, or opt to receive an adjusted number of shares of stock to compensate for the exercise price.

      We can dream. I would not get over excited.

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