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  • thinkabout1120 thinkabout1120 Feb 19, 2013 8:42 PM Flag

    Penny Stock

    Unfortunately nothing much in the way of progress is happening right now. We have heard talk of compound but nobody has ever seen one. If it were true; this would not still be a Penny Stock. We need to get to a Phase lll on at least one compound and perhaps a second compound to be taken seriously as a Bio Tech that actually develops and markets compounds. This is a feat that has not been performed under this management team. Can you imagine what Manuso would pay himself if they did produce a winning compound? He pays himself millions for producing lots of conferences and no deliverables. If we can at long last find “air” our chance to get over five bucks and join the big boy club will follow quickly. Hey it’s 2013 and counting; by many accounts we should have several proven compounds on the market. So said Manuso. Now we must remember that when we speak of royalties they are spread over 100 million shares. We were at 60 million share a few years back, but sadly we water down.

    So, we longs sit back and wait keeping our fingers crossed and hope at the end we don’t get double crossed. My, my, my where is the love? (and Phase lll)

    What exactly is a “Penny Stock” and how is it different than a “normal” stock?

    The truth is there are several different definitions. The SEC defines it as any stock under $5. However, many people consider any stock, regardless of price, that is traded over the counter (OTC) through quotation services such as the OTC Bulletin Board or the Pink Sheets to be a penny stock.

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    • This guy was brain dead in February and today he thinks he's the brightest star in the sky. Now you love this stock. Get your head examined. You hadn't any understanding when it was under $3 and today it's worth $7 now? The pumpettee today was the crybaby in February. Interesting how pumpettees can do an about face and go from basher to pumpettee.

      All I see is a investor who wishes he understood this stock. It seems you were wrong when it was cheap and wrong when it was overpriced. Keep pumping it dorthy.

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