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  • Lets see . A few weeks ago when i stated there would be generic because of the data I found on the drug master files you attacked me , and said etiher then or previously there would be no genric because the market was to small and/or it was too expensive to make. You had no knolwedge on these subjects and were in fact wrong on al counts. Management came out yesterday and basically said generics are a sure thing.

    Last week you stated the stock was trading nicely. This was just as the stock started a 10% decline

    Yesterday you went from a strong boy to a hold and stated you had sold stock in the $3.30 range after it was $3.00 . Strange this is the same behavior you jump on Roryrae for.. We didnt you tell everyone you were selling . i did

    You have stated in the past you are never wrong ... Clearly you have been wrong many times recently and in the past.

    Look I believe you contibute a lot of interesting things to the board. Just try to stop attacking everyone who disagrees . You clearly arent always right and everyone else has a right to post their opnions right or wrong

    Good luck its going to be a bumpy 3 or 4 months.

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    • Batzem,

      Actually batzem I did post concerns of dacogen generic. Just like with the Vidaza survival news, I took some precautions. I posted numourous times about this concern. I spent hours looking at Dr. Reddys site. Deb posted about Vidaza generic. That evidence was stronger than anything you posted.

      You fail to mention how you posted a 70% drop in dacogen sales starting in May was your emotional response. Well I did tell investors that I had very strong concerns. Maybe I didn't come out and say I was selling. But I also wanted to get my best share price. Look I tell this board that I 'm selling, think,rory,max,deb,mdbob, ect,ect ect. Theres 30 ids that claim to be seperate ids of rorys. If they know I'm selling half my position, there could have been a mad rush to the exit doors. I discretely notified investors.

      I don't attack everyone batzem. I attack rory's ids. I invited you all to a card game to proof me wrong. But no takers.

      I agree it could be bumpy road. I wrote Tim yesterday. He stated that the $5m milestone on dacogen sales, needs to all be in one year. They did $57M last year, so maybe we hit it later in the year? I also requested about dacogen for MDS/AML in Japan. His response was that territory is JNJ and he wasn't sure of their plans.

      You asked for a truce and you decided that wasn't what you wanted. So I gave you what you wanted. Maybe if you thought through your posts a little, maybe we would not have disagreements. I would have fully supported a intelligent discussion on generic dacogen.

      Sentiment: Hold

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      • KY

        Your reply is an example of exactly what Im talking about . "You posted the strongest evidence " You forget you never mentioned it until i bought it up and it wasn't the stongerst evidence. The drug master files were

        Deb did nothing but argue with me 2 or 3 years ago when she saif they would get a patent extnsion or why else would they be doing all these clinicals. I said they wouldnt I was right and she and you were wrong

        You didnt tell anyone about your stock sale because you wanted to get the best price and was worried about the "market reaction" This is extreme hubris , ridiculously laughable and sums up your issues. You could have told the board right after your sale but you didnt. Now that you have told people there was no rush to the exits in fact the stock is up to day.

        I stand by my statment they will ultimately lose at least 7O % of their share beginning in May. The overall rate of generic substitutiion for all drugS is way more than 70%

        Please try to keep that ego in check its not flaterring.

        By the way dont get why you are so excited about 5 milion milestone its nothing i the big picture

        Dont agree about low 2 price believe most of genericd expectations now bake in and dont think we will see lowere than 260 and maybe not that.

    • Bat, this is not my area of expertise but what is causing firms to produce a generic version of Dacogen so quickly after patent expiration as compared to Vidaza which appears to have no generic even after almost 2 years since it came off patent? Guess in my simple mind the answer is that it is easier to "replicate".

      TY Max

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      • Max, this is just a wild guess, but I think the answer lies in the makeup of the two compounds. Dacogen is decitabane, pure and simple whereas Vidaza is a compound that metabolizes into decitabane. If a firm were to gain approval for a "copycat" compound, it would need to show that it has the same makeup as the compound it is copying. It might be easier for a generic manufacturer to show it is producing decitabane than it would be to show that it is producing the more complicated Vidaza compound.