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  • batzem batzem Mar 1, 2013 10:26 AM Flag


    Isn't that an unusually high number of open interest for the April 3.50 calls ?

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    • 100? There's more open interest in the 4.00 for April. If you look at further out, something like 700 calls were purchased for Oct. High volume today for July also. BTW batzem, you took your ball and went home. Remember that emotional exit. Now you stating that you feel that Celg may buy astx, but 10 days ago, the dacogen sales were going to fall 70% starting in May. It looks like whatever happens, you have it covered on paper.

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      • I meant to type $3.00 not 3.50 (I made a mistake, four words you have never uttered) There are almost 14,000 in open interest. As for my investment stategy I bought back after the conference call. The market has clearly already discounted a dacogen generic. and yes it will be 70% substituted. So obviously there are other things at play here.

        However the real motivation was your announced sale of half your position. After realizing that your thousands of followers and institutional investors were not panicked by your actions (LOL) I decided this is pretty much a sure thing to rally from here. Long and Strong but I dont have a zero cost basis like you no one else could be that smart (LOL again)

      • SGi- 110 results will make a big difference in the share price 1 way or another. Time to start leveraging your bets with options