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  • mero0910 mero0910 Mar 8, 2013 1:04 PM Flag


    Those that are talking buyout I don't believe it will happen. Remember Manu so got a boat load of options at $10? Unless the offer is north of $10 by a lot, why would he give up a multimillion dollar job with his perks?

    I been locked out from posting. I think it was because of using android operating system. Anyone know? Either that or using Manu so's name on this board!

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    • everyone was locked out for a while

    • as of 12/31/11, Astex had 14M options outstanding at average price of $3.83. In addition, Man@#$ owed about 5% of the firm. If someone offers 8/9 per share, they would take it.

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      • If the Astex purchase was ligitimate this company has 2 billion in potential milestone payments. They have 138 million cash. If s110 data looks good and they get approval, this is a 1 billion dollar a year drug. They get 65 to 95 million Dacogen royalties per year. Company expects 65 million plus Europe royalties. They won't estimate Europe. I find it hard to believe they have no idea on Europe Dacogen sales. JNJ has a sales plan and a business strategy to hire and deploy sales people based upon this plan. Just ask JNJ for their high and low estimates. How hard could that be? How do you schedule or plan manufacturing if your have no forecast? Manu so do some hard work. Just pick up the phone and ask! Shareholders want to know.