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  • kyjellie kyjellie Mar 10, 2013 12:09 PM Flag

    Interesting Development

    AZD3293 has just set up a trial to test this drug in Alzheimer patients. Prior to this, it was with healthy patients. This is the second large bio to increase trials of astx drugs. Also recall just a few weeks ago management increased shares, to be prepared for insider option exercise. Things are falling in place fast.

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    • Interesting article on front page of yesterdays NY TIMES discussing FDA proposal to ease and speed the requirements of Alzheimer"s drugs. This could be the reason for the additional trial for AZD 3293.

    • KY, I hope we hear something about AZD3293 at Roth.

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    • I saw on the clinical trials site what you are talking about. Good news.

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    • The BACE inhibitors for awhile have been a focus for Alzhemiers disease and ASTX probably has one of the earlier agents there are others out there. It is a tough disease and really the brain is showing a 20 to 30 year progression into the disease or dementia stages then you enter a cycle of like 6 to 8 stages of brain function that become decreased or declined. The disease is tough and I would believe would add billions of dollars to a pipeline value if there were such a cure. Essentially I think we find the inflammation, plaque and foods we eat are realy what contribute to the disease, think of it as the fat gene turned on in the brain from generation to generation. Glutamate inhibitors are another focus they and BACE are probably going to be one two in reference to research. Essentially though if you read the literature you will find that aspartme and artificial sweeetners are what really trigger the brain to have dead cells. I personally began to notice then when going through a divorce and I noticed how diet soda made my depression worse and caused excitatory feelings and 6 years later the literature is starting to back up what my own mind and body were telling me. I drink water mostly and do not drink diet cokes but maybe one a week but even a small can I can tell the difference. Through my own divorce I have experience what stress and c-reactive proteins can do to your muscle function and tissue inflammation and through all of this I have learned that all the #$%$ we put in our bodies is horrible. I am learning more and more about eating very healthy and I was an iron man tri-athlete and other high class level athlete. It will take awhile but the BACE inhibitors have along way to go.

    • We'll see what kind of legs this run has soon. AACR presentations on SGI-110 in AML, lung tumor, ovarian, hematalogic malignancies and bioavailability and dosing. AT-13387 in prostate and MP-470 in small cell lung. I got this info from abratractsonline and the AACR 2013 website
      interesting developments indeed