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  • juwzkelleeyzzzzzzz juwzkelleeyzzzzzzz Mar 11, 2013 5:27 PM Flag

    OUCH bagholderz GALORE lmfao!


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    • bagholders lol lol this stock didn't even start to gain momentum til Tuesday of last week more shares traded in 4 days then in 4 weeks combined come one now it does not take a brain scientist to understand that something is up .... if you think for a minute that this cant rebound you got another thing coming keep trying to short because the only ones that are going to be the bagholders will be yall shorts and with the money you will lose you will be literally holding my bags to the car at the local grocery store after you lose all your money .... this stock might not be the ideal stock or the best revenue or even a close second to any of the other major competitors but any company that can be running this many trials and have this many possibilities and have the amount of cash they have on hand is astounding... "with no debt may i add" ..... and today yes i give it to ya yall got us it dropped substantially but everything can not always be rainbows and butterflys their will be bad days but that makes the good days even worth more even with a .23 drop we traded 1.8 million shares thats still over 4 times what it was trading the week before last if it was all sells we would have been alot more then 5% down ..... so as they say in wrestling LETS GET READY TO RUMBLEEEE .. CAN YOU SMELL WHAT THE ASTEX IS COOKING

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