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  • way2hot2handle way2hot2handle Mar 20, 2013 9:38 AM Flag

    did i hear correct about a phase III sg-110

    so their will be a phase 3 next year from what i heard on the Roth webcast that's great news isn't it. that means it is gona definitely pass phase 2 very few drugs even make it to phase 2 not alone go to phase 3 like this right ???

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    • V.R.X. Is Still On A Buyout Marathon. You never know?

    • Next year is a long time. Expect the stock to migrate down until then.

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      • yea next year is far far off i agree with you their but i personally think with a phase 3 in the future now that became a possible catalyst for a future buyout... with all the trials they got going on and actually good products in the trials their is many many many possibilities with astex at these prices if one of these drugs makes it thru it will be a game changer in the biotech sector in my opinion... these big drug giants I don't think can afford not to buyout astex with the possibilities of the pipelines astex has becoming a billion dollar giant will be a understatement... just imagine if you develop the generic for dacogen and you buyout astex you will have it cornered or the best possibility of them all sg-110 does become a primer for other drugs the royalties will be endless.... I am not or I probably will never be as smart as the people that deals with stocks everyday i am a small fish in this huge drug pond lol lol i just have a opinion thats all ...

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