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  • kyjellie kyjellie Apr 1, 2013 12:15 PM Flag


    Novartis added another trial with LEE011. They have a drug LGX818 which in only 5 months showed excellent results. They have LEE011 getting ready for trials in BRAF Melanoma, but now have added a combination trial with LGX818 and Lee011. It's part of several combinations with their LGX818 compound. In a presenation of LGX818, they feel by combining this compound, they could go after Colorectal,NSCLC,Pancreas,Melanoma,Breast cancers.

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    • Good Stuff Free. So this second combo trial with LGX818 and LEE011 will target the 4 cancers you listed?


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      • Max,

        Right now they are combining LGX818 and Lee011 in Braf Melanoma. The other cancers was from a presentation on LGX818, where Norartis believes their drug and in combination could have meaningful impact on these cancers. We will have to see if Lee011 is the combination that works best. My guess they combine it with LGX818 at some point, but right now it's in Braf Melanoma.

        However looking through what's being presented at ACCR, I stumbled on another presentation on LEE011 and they feel that a trial with our drug should be in Neuroblastoma: Found where we may see a trial with AT9283 combined with CNX-652(Celegene) in Non-hodgkins Lymphoma.

        Found a interest piece about CDK4/CDK6 inhibitor. Interesting that Novartis is hiding the real name, which btw is a astex drug. Another trial list a AKT1,2,3 inhibitor. This turns out to be a Astex compound as well. They are releasing early clinical evaluation on a trial in Japan solid tumors.

        Lots happening at AACR. This is by far the biggest representation of compounds that ASTEX has ever presented at any time in the history of this company. What's exciting, news can come from numerous directions. Also bad news, so I'm sure we will see a few set backs. I like the few things on sgi-110 that is showing the Primming effect of this drug. They mention Vidaza early signs, but provide how sgi-110 may show greater benefits.

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