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  • kyjellie kyjellie Apr 3, 2013 9:09 AM Flag

    13 Presentations on ASTEX drugs

    This is up two additional presentations from what Dr. M stated a few weeks ago. Novartis enter one as a Late breaking entry on AZD5363. Funny how the naysayers are now responding like they know something.
    Where's UNLESS and UNTIL?

    Sentiment: Strong Buy

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    • Have told numerous friends about the stock and the one thing they say to me is to "take profits" off the table. Totally understand what they are saying especially investing in Biotech. BUT, what makes Astex unusual is the depth of the pipeline. There have been numerous Biotech stories that have crashed and burned, DNDN, VVUS to name a few where they have skyrocketed and then come back to earth. They were all built on one product. What causes me to continue to hold is things like these 13 presentations and the potential for a $20/$30 stock.

      All thoughts appreciated.


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      • I have 200k shares and I am not going to start selling until around 8 - but even then only 10-20% so my wife won't kill me. My sum of the parts DCF puts this company at a 2.4 billion dollar valuation right now when assigning less than 1-5% chance of success to the majority of programs. If you look up all their drugs (including partnered ones) on and you will see there are THIRTEEN phase 2 trials for which data may be released over the next two years. And then, if you consider that SGI-110 is a very de-risked asset with potential as a chemosensitizer... and the potential for HSP90's in lung cancer . . . it goes on and on,

        Long story short: You are right - don't sell. This is PCYC or INFI all over again. There will be swoons, sure, but this has caught fire and there is plenty of fuel on the horizon - it will get there in time.

        Sentiment: Strong Buy