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  • kyjellie kyjellie Apr 3, 2013 6:45 PM Flag

    Just noticed

    AT9283 is shaping up to be a decent drug. The ph2 in MM with this drug is about to be complete. If you google this drug AT9283 there are a few nice pieces about how well this drug is performing. Specially read the Blood journal piece. The trial in MM was with 8 pts, that may sound weak, but if you look into who is involved with this trial, they get the ball across the line very often. If you also get a chance google NCIC they are the collaborator on this drug. I believe we see a partnership soon with this drug. Maybe even with CELG?

    ASTX is shaping up to be a buyout target. These fragment drugs are doing what they thought they would. That makes this a very appealing target. Specially with all the cash they have. Does Dr. M let this go for $30 a share? That's the low target I believe.

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    • He awarded himself a most load of $10 optionsHe nght sell for less. What is his age? Need to lock in social security benefits before republicans and Dems sell us out!

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      • Mero,

        Glad that Dr. M owns a lot of options. I want him motivated.

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      • If you go to the Form DEF 14A, pages 58-59, you can see his real information and you do not have to make things up. Then download the data into a spreadsheet, do the arithmetic, and you will have some FACTS:

        Manuso has 6.9 million options with a weighted average price of $4.83 worth at today's close 74 cents each. But at $12 per share, he gets $49.5 million.

        Also, on page 54 -- if ASTX is bought out, he gets a $1 million bonus, plus 52,000 accelerated vested options, plus $976,878 in severance pay.

        Also, on page 34 -- Manuso owns 4,971,470 shares = $59.7 million at $12 per share

        At $12 per share in a buyout he walks with $111 million.

        Why would a guy sell all of this for less to collect $3,000 per month in Social Security?

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