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  • mero0910 mero0910 Apr 4, 2013 10:44 AM Flag


    You forget man uso's AVII investment. The one he nearly wrote off and then prematurely sold. It is now a $35 stock. How many millions mote would shareholders have? I meant bonuses.

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    • Mero, hindsight is always 20/20, isn't it? Actually, he prematurely wrote the investment off but I believe the company still owns the stock which would make that another good investment, wouldn't it?

      PS, my id ends with a "Y." There is an impostor on this board who uses a similar ID which ends in "IE". Please don't confuse the two.

    • Mero,

      For someone who claims to sit on the board of a bank, you have a poor understanding of the writedown on AVII. Under GAAP Dr. M had to write the value of AVII, the stock had fallen from $20 to $2. They didn't wrietoff the stock, but under GAAP they had to show investors that this investment, that the previous CEO made, had not done well.

      Yes Dr. M sold the shares too soon. But no one has a crystal ball. If Dr. M had not sold and the shares had fallen back to $4, you would be critical. Maybe you protest too much?

      We have heard these brainfarts before from you. You sound awful unhappy with a stock that should now be in profitable territory and has the potential to make a leap forward on any real news on the pipeline. I battle nitwits like you, think and rory for years on this investment. Looks like the things I pointed out are falling in place.

      Had we listen to you and think and rory, well we would not be happy today.

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