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  • kyjellie kyjellie Apr 9, 2013 8:35 AM Flag

    Busy day at AACR

    Today there are 6 presentations on astex drugs at AACR. Starting with AT-IAP, AT13387, AZD5363 and several on how SGI-110 primes cancer cells. Is it time for astex to partner sgi-110 and at13387?

    Next question, do they partner these drugs or field a firm buyout offer? My guess Astra Zeneca makes a play for this. Would not rule out JNJ, Eisai, Novartis. All have skin in the game. Today is a major day at AACR. SGI-110 has shown enough data, to interest the big boys.

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    • Could Celg. make a play? Purchase s110? I don't see Eiasi, who has rights to meet any offer. They had their chance, when the Yen was stronger.

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      • I doubt that CELG enters the picture. With neither dac or vid officially a generic drug, I believe this would cloud the picture too much. On the subject of Eisai, they have the most too lose here. They have to pay Astex with those cheap yens. Convert to dollars to pay royalites. Takes more yen to pay them their royalities now. Last year they paid $70M, if no generic enters the picture, they could keep this $70M and that means considerable amount of yens.

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