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  • mistymackin mistymackin Apr 15, 2013 6:04 PM Flag

    what the heck happened

    i leave for a few hours to go to the doctors and the floor fell out what happened (free) (weight) any insight on what the heck is going on im still not gona sell to many cookies in the cookie jar to sell this gold mine but inquiring minds wana know ???? the info on the antibiotic is astounding that should have sent this stock skyrocketing upwards not downwards

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    • Thank you Michaelplongo and Freetoquestion its nice to ask a question and be answered without feeling like a complete idiot ..... no my position isn't like yalls or even 1/10th of yalls position but my husband and I are just starting out but with this stock any amount of shares sooner or later will be highly valuable IMHO

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    • Today's action was inevitable. We've been over 70 RSI for a long time. Couple today's overall market with the nasdaq down over 2% and gold/silver down around 10% and our 4.7% decline isn't scary, especially with our beta. Thanks free for the follow up with corporate on the antibiotic. I had seen the Rockefeller EDU post a few days before i put the secondary post on the board.
      i still believe all this appreciation is SGI-110.
      I was eastcounty

    • Got a e-mail from Tim. He was unaware of this development in the antibiotic. He believes it's early, but what it looks like, if the collaborator can get funding they will form a new company with this drug. It's sounds like astex will enjoy some kind of royality. Not the breakout news I would like to hear. But a decent percentage and no expenses, that's not a bad deal.

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