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  • gcfats gcfats Apr 16, 2013 9:06 PM Flag

    L'il Help, Longs

    Found this in IBD this past weekend. What a chart!! My question: would you all buy here? It's had a big run. If no, where would you buy some? Tx...

    Sentiment: Buy

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    • would hate to say don't buy b/c I'm an ASTX believer, but we have historically been prone to manipulation/unexplained drops. there aren't any big inflection points on the near horizon meaning we aren't expecting any big news soon (someone correct me if i'm wrong). the stock still has a high RSI so technically it would be deemed overbought. I expect a consolidation with possible pullbacks. if it goes into the 5.70's i would feel much safer.
      that said, dollar cost averaging is a good buy-in strategy.
      If sgi-110 info later in the year is good to great,and ph 3 is announced we may see $9+

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      • I am a long time long, and I agree with michaelplongo. I think the value in this stock is much greater than it is now, but it requires that a lot of good things need to happen.

        The prime driver is SGI110, and that drug looks like a winner. But the drug is still only in Phase 2 trials and anything can happen, both good and bad. Aside from SGI110, the pipeline is extremely deep but nothing has completed a phase 2 trial.

        The estimate is that 1 out of 10 new drugs makes it to the market. In the case of this company, we have what looks like 4 or 5 drugs in trials and another 5 in preclinical studies. Maybe one of those ten will be approved.

        I think it will happen, but I am not putting any new money into it. Still, I want new share holders taking positions at prices much greater than this. I just don't want to make that decision for you.