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  • jelly1126 jelly1126 Apr 19, 2013 6:32 PM Flag

    We quietly hit a new 52 week high today

    I really like the way the stock has behaved in these last two weeks. It feels like the stock is getting ready to add on another dollar or two. With the earnings release just ten days away, the timing could not be better. If Manuso and company can cooperate with a good earnings report and guidance we would have a chance to see $8 soon enough.

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    • Jelly,

      Add another $2? Really and you base this on what? Earnings. Last quarter they turned a profit, because of the $5M milestone, they have no milestones and they still believe Dacogen generics will begin in May. But somehow in your opinion, they will guide higher.

      It sounds to me that you hope to sell some shares to unexpecting readers of your $8 claim here. Curious how all the same fellas that were negative astex at $2.50 are now the same fellas making bold claims on price targets. Just to show you how smart jelly...aka rory is, he recently stated that the spinout of montigen already happen.

      See if it goes higher jelly will take credit, if it goes lower rory or think will report for duty. On Friday the whole sector traded up. Astex enjoyed that move. Did anyone notice how fast she came back at the end of the day. When you hear things like $8 on the way, just be careful who is making that prediction.

      The only way this breaks $7 is with a deal on sgi-110 or at13387. They will still play down dacogen numbers. They do not want to in a shareholder lawsuit. The one thing we can count on is that either jelly,rory,mero will come up with stuff they cannot support.

      Sentiment: Hold