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  • bucketlist88 bucketlist88 Apr 26, 2013 9:15 AM Flag

    Pump,Pump Pump

    That's all these longs have is try to sell you on something bigger than what's reality. The claims are that it's headed to $15. That would take something in the neighborhood of .75 in earnings this year. However they are on record of losing $30M or .32 this year per share. They have to fork over $14.8M in January. That's $46M in cash less the accounting for free options to insiders. You have to ask yourself this one question, is this company at a point where a large bio is willing to pay a billion dollars for the pipeline.

    You listen to the pumpers. They are hard at it.

    Sentiment: Sell

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    • C'mon Free/Hate/KY, this is getting old. You made your point. Move on.


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      • Why do you guys all think this bucketlist88 is free? He has been nothing but positive on ASTX since right before the run up from the bottom. You guys all try to annoy him. He usually just goes away for a while the ninnies are attacking him. But I highly doubt this has anything to do with him. Sounds like buckethead is just a basher.

    • If you truly believe that this company is so bad, then why are you still here?

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      • I don't believe the company is bad. Just very overvalued. You can ignore this. If your gut saids hold, then by all means hold. But have I posted anything untrue? I get it, you don't want newbies knowing the whole picture. Shhhhhhhh....wink,wink.

        Are the longs buyers at this price? Two longs have told me to move on. They like that few know the big picture. Fundamentals didn't improve. It's comical that at $2 no one want this stock, but with a fast approaching burn and a huge balloon payment and it's worth $6.75 a share. This is why longs get scalped. They want their little secret kept quite.

        Sentiment: Sell

    • Bucket why the hard sell over and over again. Stock is up because fundamentals improved significantly. Institutions see this and have stepped up to buy. Sorry you sold. I don't believe your statement you are worried about me and are warning me to sell.

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      • Bucket, your short position must burn your retirement fund. I'm a long and everyone here has known me as eastcounty for years. all of us long timers are in the green (except Rory who bought in over a decade ago) if we believed in the company and averaged down over time. Like I said last week, I sold a little (maybe too soon) and let the rest ride. Over the years we've seen spikes and retracements, this time feels different. It is institutions and funds buying each and every dip these days, not retail. You must be kidding if you think that this board's banter is driving stock price.

        That said, I'm not a cheerleader. Short positions in this stock are up big time and a lot of them have been getting burned for the last few weeks of appreciation. Someone knows something, I'm leaning toward the big money buying all the dips, not the shorts and bucketlists.