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  • mistymackin mistymackin Apr 29, 2013 2:31 PM Flag

    why post if you are not a shareholder

    i understand input and everyone in this world has a opinion and entitled to one but if you are on here and state that you are not a shorter and you do not own shares why does it matter in the first place if this goes up or down that makes no sense i can see promoting it like most of us do .. we do it because we have a interest in this company but i can tell you this if i did not own stock in this i could honestly give a rats pattootie what happens here and how everything is going.. their is alot of what ifs with this stock and NO ONE in here can deny that but honestly even the bashers have to sit back and say wow they do have a lot positive along with the negative ..... think of it this way they have alot of cookies in the cookie jar some of them might be bad but you hope that when you reach in their you will find one that is the best in the world and not bad that is what a gamble is about ... we can fight all day long who is right and who is wrong and what is better and what is bad but at the END OF THE DAY WE ARE ALL HERE FOR 1 THING AND 1 THING ONLY TO MAKE MONEY

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    • Misty

      The idiot you are dealin with now called bucket lisr has also posted on this board under the alias" freetoquestion /kyjelly/hate supg for more than 5 years. He is a psuedo intellectual right wing survivalist nut who has fought with everyone whoever posted with the possible exception of his "friend Deb" who is likely another of his identities. While this has been going on he claims that everyone who disageed with him was the same person and even tried to set up a test to prove his point. None of us felt liking humoring this sick idiot. He posted that he is never wrong but omitted his call on a crash after the crash thus missing one of the greatest runs in stock market history,. He did make a good call on silver but then blew is by rerecommending it at hte 29 dollar level last year. But the biggest exhibit of his stupidity was announcing that he had 70,000 shares of Astex and announcing a few months ago in the low 3's he was selling half . I dont believe this moron had anywhere near that amount of stock since he is too stupid to have amassed any amount of money. But assuming Im wrong he has just missed a double and lost 150 grand hence his new identity Bucket S---t

      If you dont respond he will go away and come back with another ID . He needs constant attention Gotta laugh when he talks about the negativity of the expansion of the phase 2 when a few months ago he posted his rationale for why this was a good thing

      You could not find a stock showing more strength than this one . As the song says We;ve only just begun, Glad to have a hot a broad on the board. Bucket is living in the woods in his bunker and hasnt spoken to a real woman in many years if ever. His idea of a cute girl is Eric Cantor.

      See you a 9 bucks Good Luck


    • If you only hear from investors, what info are you going to hear. Pump,pump,pump explode. I'm tired of all the longs wanting me to shut up. You should thank me for looking at this without rose color glases, by the way look great on you misty. As for being impressed on the share price, I was impressed when it went from $4 to $6.60. Not so impressed that you think that it's woth $600M with a drug going generic and burn on the way. That shouldn't impress anyone.

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