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  • bucketlist88 bucketlist88 Apr 29, 2013 5:38 PM Flag

    Nothing at ASCO is what I heard and more

    Now I understand that the parade to pump this has begun. But if you paid attention to where the analyst focused, then this will be important. First they were not impressed by what is going on with sgi-110 and at-13387. Listen to it 5 times and maybe you will understand the ramifications. First SGI-110 looking at second line in MDS. Let's repeat that because the big money is in first line, but second line is what they talked about. That is a huge slap in the face. Mentioned is how fast these patients pass away once you fail dacogen and vidaza. But it gets better, they spoke about at-13387 that in it's trial they have to see convincing eveidence that the HSP90 is down regulating to procede to ph2B.

    Again I will repeat, listen to the questions on where sgi-110 is headed. They do not have confidence in first line. Sad but true. These analyst were not excited. I also liked how they raised the issue about response. Meaning they are questioning response in the sgi-110 trial, which I pointed out was very poor. What astex is banking on is hopefully you get 5% of this market for a population that will not be around long.

    Ph3 in second line...congradulation. That sounds like a $50M a year drug. This cound not have gone worse. Watch JP and these other analyst change their opinions here, specially in the wake of dacogen generics.

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    • SGI10 has never been considered for first line MDS. The company's strategy is to show "proof of concept" and then partner it out. The primary thrust has been to gain approval first and then expand into the more difficult aspects of the disease.

      Seriously, if you were a college baseball slugger, would you go straight to the big leagues, or would you do some time in the minors to get your feet wet and gain some notoriety?

      Your stuff is getting old bucket.

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      • Bet you selling as you wrote that stupid remark. You are correct that astex is a minor league player. Hopefully you didn't insult everyones intelligence here. Spend $50M in trials to work your way up to the big leagues. I hear an excuse. Actually you are wrong on two fronts. MDS is what they were talking about for PH3 Second line. To show your ignorance, there is no drug for first line in aml.

        I also like the one question about dacogen in aml, they raised the issue that because no adjust made to full year projections, then maybe growth in EU is not developing very fast? This was not a good day. They were honest and I applaud them for not hiding the developments.

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