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  • newyork674 newyork674 Apr 30, 2013 8:29 AM Flag

    ASTX will skyrocket from here! I see nothing that will get in the way of the

    recent climb and if anything, the higher share price, improved liquidity and increased exposure through the upcoming medical conferences will only bring in NEW shareholders meaning there is a LOOONG way to go UP for ASTX. I see little chance for a major pullback but rather after today a slow but steady climb higher. At some point there should also be a chance someone will come in a buyout this company. With a sub-$1B mkt cap and a great drug pipeline, no reason to think it can't happen.

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    • It is hard to believe Axtex is a sub $1 billion company. The share price should rise until it gets to fair value. IMO, we are not anywhere near that point.

    • Nice pump. You didn't see that second line indication in the road? Please explain why they are not going after first line. Isn't sgi-110 the drug to replace dacogen and vidaza. I agree you see very little. Will you buy more at these prices, so those who doubt your post can handoff those shares?

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      • Bids are piling up BL... You may want to cover sooner rather than later.
        You are digging in the mud looking for any scrap of information to try to justify being short this stock but the reality is, this company is just getting started. They execute well with a strong management team, have proven technology, and a promising future with a number of strong novel molecules in various stages of clinical trials. They are also partnered with some great global players any of whom could step up and simply buy the company outright. I am no expert when it comes to biotech so drop your question to someone else. However I do trust the analysts who cover the stock, (especially RBC) and I know how small cap stocks move when it comes to analyst coverage and liquidity. I am telling you know, this stock has serious room to move higher.