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  • freetoquestionu freetoquestionu May 1, 2013 8:07 AM Flag

    Foreign Currency Translation loss

    Wait how can that happen when they have a bank here in the United States holding the dacogen revenues. Remember how max rode in to help jelly and claimed he had expert knowledge here. Use to be batzem who had to ride in, well they have few real original idea's. Things never change with this board. I alway knew that maxipad was just another of the dopes id's and i was correct in that assumption.

    It's funny how bucketlist showed up right after I left. It seems rory's up to his old games. I may regret this, but I have to agree that astex is overvalued at this stage in the game. I sold all my shares as of yesterday and that was a substantial amount. Dr. Manuso again has found a way to add uncertainity into the valuation on astex. I expect the mocking that comes with this board, to follow immediately after I post this message and when the value here goes up or down, the claims by the same id's will pretend they are experts. Just like they were all experts on the conversion of dacogen currency transaction loss.

    When the share price was at $2, daily mero,batzem,think all had issues that I expected the share price to rise. Mero stated it would take 5 years for the FDA to understand astex technology? Today mero claims we're headed to the moon. Small minds. They had no vision.

    I'm sorry that I wasn't as stupid as jelly and rory to buy this in the $7-$56 range. There hands were tied from day one. They needed 12 id's , because in their world, they are seldom intelligent. In the end the dumbest investor of all time, roryrae had to vanish. He knew that his last post stating he owned no shares. He missed the total run from $2 to $6.90. It's ironic how he always timed this stock incorrectly.

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