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  • bucketlist88 bucketlist88 May 1, 2013 8:07 AM Flag

    Down grade

    All you pumpers need to write this company and tell them that it's headed to $15. It seems that they don't understand that astex is in a class all by itself and can defy gravity FOREVER. So what, that they will burn though $30M dollars this year and that dacogen's days are numbered. Apparently THE STEET hasn't reviewed all the important stuff that daily gets posted by the pumpers here.

    I would also have expected by now that RBC would have put out a report supporting the buyout and other sentiments echoed by this board. It's insane that bagholder's here think this will go straight up. I suggest you write THE STREET and tell them that big pharma is drooling for a second line indication drug. Specially with a market potential of $50M. I would look around and carefully review this board, evaluate, when 99% of posters are telling you it's going higher, often that bullish of a sign is time to take some off the table. But fear not, when this tanks, you will be in loads of company and can all share ideas of market manipulation.

    I have stated that this is overvalued. The risks at this point are high. If you miss the top by 5%, you are in rare company. Usually the retailer finds it 25% too late.

    Sentiment: Strong Sell

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    • Second Line Indication May Be A Way To Quicker Possible Approval Then Doctors Can Use However They Feel Is Best For Their Patients. Just A Thought.

    • This downgrade is bogus. It is an automated result of the quarterly report. It is the result of decreased earnings which is to be expected from a development stage company with a single mature product on the market. The downgrade commentary makes no allowance for anticipated milestone payments which would have a positive effect on earnings to offset the negatives from an aging product line.

    • What a moron - The Street is a quantitative analysis rating that shouldn't even be used on biotechs - they haven't "reviewed" anything about the company, its pipeline or market potential. The fact that you would spout off about this downgrade proves you haven't either.

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      • Hi Tred, I have been following your picks since last year and you seem to be doing pretty good so far. You scored a home run with ASTX, SRPT, NVDQ, GALT. ZIOP (sorry for bringing this to your attention) and OMER are the failures so far . THLD is also down some. I wish in addition to SRPT I was also invested in ASTX too but I missed the train there. Are there other stocks you are doing DD these days? What do you think of AVEO? It is now trading at 0.6x the cash value and they have a decent pipeline. I am also invested in EXEL with some big disappointment so far. CLDX is another one I picked some recently. I would appreciate some insight thanks.